good, yet bad. broken, yet beautiful.



have you ever felt good & bad at the same time?

like happy but still kinda sad all at once?

it’s a weird place to be… but here i am…

this long weekend i’ve had lots of down time to go through old notebooks & old pictures on my phone (telling myself i’m decluttering of course) & now i just feel confused.

in a big way i still feel a deep sadness over a major chapter of my life ending.

and in another way, i know that i needed to go through what i went through, so that i could start this new journey.

i guess things are turning out pretty okay… i mean this has been hard, but i honestly don’t think i would go back & change much of anything.

i feel good right now with the way things are, but not great (at least not yet).

but i do know myself more now & i can trust myself to make better decisions.

like the decision to start this blog & share my story.

or the decision to choose myself again & again & stop putting my needs or wants on the bottom of my to-do list.

you know – switch up the priorities a lil bit.

i just feel like there’s something more out there & something bigger i’m supposed to be doing.

maybe i did go through all of this so that i would have a story to share & a way to help people while helping myself become a better person.

and i do feel like i’ve made huge strides towards being a better person & living a better life that i absolutely love & enjoy. 

even if i am in a super weird place right now, i am becoming happier & healthier each & every day.

and that’s enough for me.

feel free to reach out & share how all this time spent at home is affecting you – facebook, twitter or instagram.

xxoo, k

2 thoughts on “good, yet bad. broken, yet beautiful.

  1. I have not felt this shut down has been bad for me. I love my home and happy in it. My husband and I are both retired and I think we are feeling closer all the time. ♥️♥️

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