giving back


towards the end of last year i started doing two significant things to try to let go of some of the sadness & pain i was living with.

the first one being starting this blog.

i figured if i opened up & shared some of my story it might make me feel better & it might make others feel better too if they were going through a similar thing.

the second one was volunteering at a local women’s centre.

it’s not lost on me how lucky i am to be out of a bad situation.

i know that not every woman has the support of family & friends like i do. or a job with an income that lets her get out & stand on her own.

it’s incredibly hard to leave the life you have behind. to start over. to move into the unknown.

so i wanted to give back in some way, if i could.

well, even though i’ve only been at the centre for a few months, it’s been the most amazing experience.

and last night i was completely caught off guard in the best way possible when i was given this award.

i know you don’t volunteer or give back for praise or awards or recognition & i’m not posting this to brag – but it feels unreal to be honoured by a group that you respect so much.

to feel like you’re one of the family. to feel like you’re actually helping to make your community a better place.

and that feeling makes me want to work even harder & give even more to continue to help & support anyone who may need it.

xxoo, k




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