first few days

this is my go-to mantra this week.

i’m only on day three of my ‘get healthier’ plan & it’s actually one of the more difficult things i’ve ever attempted to do.

it’s hard cutting back on the amount of caffeine i take in – especially with a 3am wake-up call. it’s hard to cut out the processed food that i’ve gotten so used to & love so much. and i feel like i don’t even know who i am without sugar.

originally, before starting this plan, i thought i would feel great after cutting out the crap. that i would wake up feeling energized, my skin would look clearer & that i would be a better kahla.

but instead of becoming a new, shiny version of myself, i seem to have gone backwards & regressed into some sort of grumpy gremlin-monster.

i am so dang tired, i’m freezing cold all day long & cannot seem to warm up, plus – i’m super cranky.

but i keep trying to remind myself that of course the beginning is difficult. change is difficult, especially after a long period of indulging in bad habits.

but it won’t be difficult forever.

i won’t be a beginner at this healthy lifestyle forever.

and if i keep going & stick to it, i won’t be a beginner for very long at all.

xxoo, k

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