experience is everything

‘never be afraid to start over. this time you’re not starting from scratch, you’re starting from experience.’

experience is everything – & you have it!!

even if it doesn’t feel like it sometimes.

i originally fell in love with this quote because i was completely starting over in life but now i like to read it as ‘never be afraid to start…’

start going for what you want, start trying something new, start living the life you want to live… some pretty heavy things hey?!

well this is where it’s coming from… i have received so many sweet comments congratulating me on the new place (which i really appreciate & thank you to everyone who did send their congrats – we are absolutely loving it!!) but i’ve also had several people share that they wished they could buy their own house.

that they’re tired of renting or living at home & feel like they ‘should’ have a house by now.

like they ‘should’ have more, be more accomplished.

that all their friends have houses & husbands & kids, while they feel like they’re ‘way behind’.

well let me tell you something – you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of or worried about.

i. was. there.

really recently.

and i felt that way too.

worse maybe, because i did have the big gorgeous house, the wonderful husband, great marriage & the glamorous job & i walked away from it all to start over with nothing.

from the outside it was a dream, but from the inside it was my own personal hell.

so i started over – from the spare room at my mom’s with nothing but an overnight bag, my dog Harley & my favourite books.

and it did take a long while to get to where i am now & there are still a ton of things i want to do with my life, but i can’t even tell you how proud i am of myself for being at this point.

for sticking it through.

it’s hard to be patient, to make the sacrifices, to ask your friends & family for support or help.

but i did it & you can too.

maybe it’s not a house, maybe it’s a dream job or your perfect partner, but i honestly, truly believe 100% that you can get there.

but if you’re looking around at others, or on social media seeing what others have & worrying that you’ll never have what you want – stop!

instead, i want you to grab a piece of paper or your favourite notebook & a pen & make a list.

and on this list i want you to put down everything you HAVE done, everything you HAVE accomplished.

focus on what you’ve lived through already – write down every cool, tough, scary & really fun thing you’ve ever done.

all the moments you went through that meant something & take a look at your journey so far.

i know for myself there were tons of things that i overcame or conquered or accomplished that i had either forgotten about or waved off as not being a big deal – but in reality all these things are a big deal & together they have made a pretty impressive life.

i’ve actually done way more than i once thought & i bet you have too.

so make a list & see for yourself that you’re not falling behind.

you are continuing to write one hell of a life story, one moment after another.

remember – experience is everything – & you have it!!

i’d love to hear something you’ve overcome or something you’re really proud of – leave it in the comments below or join me on instagram, facebook or twitter.

xxoo, k

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