‘it’s not your job to be everything to everyone’ – candace reels

for the life of me, i can’t actually remember what i was going through when i wrote this quote down. i do remember seeing it on instagram & loving it, but as someone who doesn’t really have a lot of dependents or responsibilities – i’m kinda stuck on why it stuck out to me.

revisiting it today however – i know exactly who it reminds me of.

someone who is everything to quite a few people in her life.

now mama & i were NOT friends when i was younger. my dad always said we fought because we’re exactly the same. i always thought she was hard on me & that she wished i was quieter, better behaved, less wild.

something changed though as i got older (as i assume it does for many mother-daughter duos) & we are now closer than ever.

she’s honestly my best friend.

and she never says anything, or complains, but she does a lot for everyone around her. especially this time of year.

my baba wanted to host christmas eve dinner but my grandparents are getting to the age where they’re no longer capable of the work that goes into producing a big gathering. so there was mama – spending the whole day getting their house together, cleaning, prepping, cooking & decorating to make sure baba could have everyone over.

then my brother wanted to host christmas day dinner. so there was mama – helping him clean-up bulldog hair & string lights around his motorcycle to get his bachelor pad looking festive.

and right now, she’s at the hospital with one of our family members who probably has pneumonia. after they leave the doctor, i know she’ll go to the pharmacy, then the grocery store to make sure they have everything they may want or need, then she’ll take them home & continue to look after them.

she’s like this all the time. loving. dedicated. putting everyone before herself. i see her when she’s at work, when she’s with our family, with her friends. she never takes a break. never takes a day off. never sits down to relax.

but she should. and i wish she would.

i wish she truly knew how much we all appreciate what she does for us. how lost we would all be without her. but also how much we love her & want her to put herself first. for once.

i know we all know someone like this. heck – maybe YOU are that person.

if you are lucky enough to have someone, please let them know how amazing they are & that you love them for who they are, not what they do for you. see if there are some chores you can take off their plate or something nice you can do for them.

and if you are that someone working yourself silly, running yourself ragged, doing everything for everyone else – please know that you are just as important.

take care of yourself & do something nice for you too.


xxoo, k

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