every different season


‘every season serves a purpose’

obviously, this is more of a quiet season.

i, like most i’m assuming, have been spending lots & lots of time at home – which i will admit is pretty easy for a gal like me who doesn’t have kids, a spouse or elderly loved ones to care for & help out.

it’s even easier when you just moved into a brand new home you absolutely love & you have a super sweet bulldog to hangout with.

especially when i open up our windows & a fresh autumn breeze blows in. we turn on an old Halloween movie. i have those addictive mini mars bars & Poppy curled up beside me snoring away.

it’s one of my favourite ways to relax & it honestly feels like a saturday night on a random tuesday afternoon!

so i’m asking myself this simple question over & over: ‘what makes the weekends so great??’

when life was ‘normal’ & i was so crazy busy with work, family & my social life – what made me look forward to friday so much?

what do i love to do most on my days off?

i’m making a list & trying to work some of those things throughout my entire week.

movies are near the top of the list.

trying a new ‘fancy’ recipe & making myself a really special dinner – no longer a weekend only endeavour.

or taking Poppy to a park we’ve never been to before, even if we have to get in the car & drive there first.

or heading up to the lake & reading a book on the sand, listening to the waves.

those simple things that i used to only do on my days off are no longer just for those days off.

i’m making it my priority to love my monday to thursday as much as i love my friday to sunday!

that’s one of the biggest things i’m taking away from this painful time – what makes my heart happiest & how can i get more of it??

i’d love to know what you are doing during this time to relax or if you’ve picked up a new hobby or maybe an old passion you put on the backburner!

feel free to share in the comments below!

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xxoo, k

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