dreaming & wishing on a full moon


‘never stop looking up’

i am expecting a very sleepless night tonight.

and i couldn’t be more excited.

tonight is april’s full moon – a ‘supermoon’ & the closest, brightest looking one of 2020 – so i plan on spending most of the night hanging out under this gorgeous moon.

now, officially a ‘moon child’ is a cancer or somebody who was born between june 21 & july 22 – that would include Harley – but not me.

i’m definitely a sagittarius but i have always felt connected to the moon & consider myself a moon child.

when i was growing up on my grandparent’s farm, my favourite memories were making midnight cookies with baba & looking out the kitchen window at the moon.

or catching fireflies near the apple trees under the light of the moon & the stars.

or leaving my curtains & window open all night & just chatting to the moon when i was supposed to be sleeping.

now as an adult i feel like a full moon is a good omen, a time for dreams & wishes.

and i can’t wait to buy a house & adopt a couple of cats – luna (meaning ‘moon’) & elara (one of jupiter’s moons).

and start a garden where i’ll pick my veggies under a full moon, because that makes them taste better.

i know some people will tell me full moons are bad or others will say new moons are better, but i don’t really care.

a full moon is good luck for me because i believe it is.

and i will never stop looking up.

xxoo, k


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