don’t lose the light

does anyone else still have their holiday decorations up??

i’m sure i’m not the only one… anyone?

to be fair i don’t have a ton of stuff since this was my first christmas in my new house but i do have a big beautiful tree that i absolutely love & can’t bring myself to take down!

and today – having an entire afternoon to myself with the time to take down the tree & put it away – i found myself torn & struggling to do it.

then it hit me. this is my house. mine. i bought it for me to live in. so i’m going to live in it how i freaking want.

i’ve spent a lot of my time living with others & their house rules (both in my marriage & staying with family until i bought my house).

so i wasn’t always able to do what i wanted or at times i even lived in fear of speaking up or doing what i wanted because of somebody else.

but not now. and honestly – never again.

now i’m not saying don’t ever compromise, especially if you’re in a relationship, but i am saying don’t give up so much that you end up giving up the stuff that makes you happiest.

don’t lose so much that you end up losing yourself.

i’ve been there & it really sucks.

but for the first time in a long, long, long time i have the luxury of doing exactly what i want & living my life exactly how i want to do it & that means leaving that tree up a little bit longer because i find it beautiful & it makes me happy.

so my prompt for you today is to think about an area of your life where you feel like you’ve lost too much or where you’ve given up too much.

is there a corner in your life that makes you feel bad or that makes you feel sad?

and what can you can do to brighten it up or feel better about it??

let me know in the comments or on instagram, facebook & twitter

xxoo, k

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