cold & cranky


one of my all-time, most favourite things to do is snuggle under a cozy blanket with my dog, enjoying a cup of coffee & a good book!

i can honestly think of no better way to spend my downtime…

but that’s pretty much all i’ve been doing for the last two weeks now – not because i’m on winter holidays – but because the furnace conked out & i need some way to stay warm!

it gave up the fight a couple of days before christmas & that holiday combined with new year’s & paperwork & order forms & other appointments the furnace company has puts dad & i at two weeks today sans heat.

now we do have a few space heaters scattered around the house but it’s an old place my dad is renovating & those suckers aren’t really doing much of anything.

and since the house is so old the electrical panel isn’t strong enough to support heaters & anything else you plug in (it’s literally just the fridge & the heaters running)!

thankfully it really hasn’t been all that cold outside so we’re not suffering or in danger of turning into icicles or anything like that but you don’t really realize how much you miss your tv or your laptop haha!

even something as simple as charging my phone leaves me wondering whether or not it’s worth it to unplug the heater to plug in my phone charger. it’s been a struggle to say the least.

and it has dad telling stories of how they used to keep the toilet seat for the outhouse by the wood stove so it would be warm when you took it out there. so there’s that.

but this morning i hit my breaking point & was so damn cranky & cold i had to think extra long & hard to fill out my gratitude journal. i had to remind myself that at least we weren’t dealing with an outhouse situation & here’s what i came up with:

i am grateful for the tough times.

– they are an opportunity to grow
– they are a chance to decide what you’re made of
– they prepare you for the next level in life
– they grow your confidence
– they make you appreciate the good times more
– they teach you things that the good times never will

after reading that list back a few times & heading out to grab a latte, i do feel a whole lot better now.

also, the wait is almost over & the furnace company is coming out first thing tomorrow morning to install our brand new heat source!

i have a strong feeling that tomorrow i’ll be writing words of gratitude over that thing – but until then, let me know what you are feeling grateful about this sunday in the comments below…

xxoo, k

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