centering mantra, in an uncertain time

‘you are healthy, you are beautiful, you are creative’

the mantra or affirmation or prayer, chant, spell – whatever you want to call it – that i’ve been repeating to myself over the last week & a bit.

it’s been my little trick for maintaining a positive mindset.

nothing too deep, or fancy – just a simple, no frills reminder that i am okay & i will continue to be okay.

‘healthy’ when i feel scared of what’s going on in our communities. or when i’m on my 6th cup of coffee or 2nd bowl of chips & i’m beating myself up over it. or when i’m too tired to go for a run & just want to nap instead.

i’m telling myself that i’m doing my best, i’m healthy, & that’s what really matters.

‘beautiful’ when i’ve been in jammies for days & feel anything but glamourous. or when i look in the mirror & my outgrown pixie cut makes me look like a 12 year old boy. or when i notice a new stress-related breakout on my face.

i’m telling myself that i’m still me, i’m beautiful, & that’s enough.

‘creative’ when all i’ve done all day is watch movies with the dog. or when i sit for a whole afternoon struggling with writer’s block. or when i feel uninspired from being cooped up in the house, without any new experiences to light up my mind.

i’m telling myself that i’m still accomplishing things, i’m creative, & that’s never going to change.

i repeat these words while stirring my coffee, brushing my teeth, walking the dog… basically anytime my mind wanders off & i go down a negative path.

it’s simple, yet effective enough to bring me back to the present moment & it really calms me down.

share your favourite mantra with me in the comments… or come hang out on facebook, twitter & instagram!

xxoo, k

5 thoughts on “centering mantra, in an uncertain time

  1. You are beautiful, creative ,healthy, and loveable. Period.
    May I suggest that you read the desiderata. It often helps to put me back on an even keel.
    Kahla, none of us are perfect, so be forgiving of yourself, also gentle to yourself. You are worth it.

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