be proud

not just proud… SUPER proud!

even though i’m absolutely exhausted right now & reclining in my la-z-boy with my laptop while writing this.

i not only made it through my return to work this week without freaking out or melting down but i also had the best time ever!

like in a ‘haven’t been this happy in months’ kind of way.

and i think i know why.

first – i went into it in a high vibe, positive frame of mind.

i thought about all the things i love about my job & i made the effort to really enjoy the time i spent with my friends at work.

i also treated myself really well – buying my favourite coffee, eating lots of fresh fruit & veg & wearing my prettiest dresses that made me feel really good.

second – i leaned on the people i have in my life.

a lot of my loved ones are the same people who helped me out of that dark, horrible situation that was my marriage.

the ones who supported, listened & loved me back then, are the same ones by my side now.

plus, a ton of new friends i’ve made though the afternoons with harley community offered some good advice & kind words that i absolutely appreciate more than i can probably ever say!

and finally – i thought about the brave doctors, nurses & healthcare professionals, frontline & essential workers who leave their homes every day to keep the world turning – & that made me feel brave too.

although i do miss spending all day with the dog & of course my coffee stained sweatpants…

are you back at work? are you working from home?? let me know in the comments below… or on facebook, twitter or instagram!

xxoo, k

4 thoughts on “be proud

  1. Have been at work since the pandemic at Health Sciences Centre. Felt overwhelmed and anxious going into work knowing that potentially I could come in contact with the virus despite taking every precaution. Was worried that if I did contract the virus, my family lives in Alberta and I have no way of seeing them. Luckily so far, all is good. Eventually I did get over the anxiousness and just lived everyday as normally as possible while taking every precaution. I just hope life returns to normal (whatever that may be) so that we can all see our friends, family, and loved ones without any fear.

    1. i can’t even imagine that pressure!! i really hope that everyone is taking every precaution that they can so we can all stay as safe as possible.

  2. You were great Kahla. You came across as a confident young woman who loves what she does, so beautiful, so happy. Happy for you. Give Poptart an extra belly rub, she will be happy! Keep on keeping on❤

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