back to writing, back to life

hey everyone! hope 2021 is off to a beautiful & peaceful start for you!!

it’s definitely been a while since i sat down to write anything outside of my daily journal entries & this fantastically long stretch of absence can be credited to the most incredible plot twist to my 2020.

and as i sit here in my new home out in the quiet countryside, bully snoring away at my feet, cold coke zero, music playing… i feel so unbelievably happy & grateful that i’m actually here.

long time readers will know the last two years have been pretty rough for me & i struggled a lot.

and even though 2020 was a struggle for all of us – i was lucky enough to have a couple of really amazing things happen towards the end of my year that i feel have completely changed my life.

first of all – the house, i also celebrated the one year mark of launching afternoons with Harley, the one year anniversary of adopting my new bully baby (Poppy) after losing Harley, i turned 33, i’m writing my first book & i have met the most incredible person.

so the pause i’ve taken in writing for afternoons with Harley has been due to how happy & busy i am in my personal life.

but.. i also felt like i haven’t had a whole lot to write about, now that i’m no longer heartbroken & miserable haha… but i have gotten quite a few messages from other women lately, asking how i got through the holidays when i had first left my marriage & was going through heartbreak, trying to just get through the days.

and i realize that even though i feel like i am over the worst of what happened to me… i still have a lot of experience that i can write about & share that might help others.

2020 was a struggle, but after a nice long break, a lot of rest & a wonderful holiday (even though it was very quiet & socially distanced) i’m ready to log back in & share & help in any way i can.

so as always – feel free to leave a comment, send a message & reach out through instagram, facebook or twitter & i will try my very best to help.

xxoo, k

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