announcing the ‘afternoons book club’

hey everyone!

so i’ve been trying to pick up a new hobby or skill during this pandemic… but i’ve come to realize that the things i love the most are reading & writing… so i figure i should just start a book club!

officially, the ‘afternoons book club’!

maybe it’ll end up being just my mama, bestie & i – but i’m doing it & i’m inviting all of you to join.

now i usually read two types of books – either self-help/personal development books or fantasy novels – things like magic, mythology, anything with a strong female character.

so that’s what this club will mostly consist of… i think.

and since it’s the middle of the month & i really have no idea what i’m doing… i’m just going to pick a book & that will be march/april’s selection that we will discuss at the end of april.

if you want to join us, feel free to do so right here in the comment section or on facebook, twitter or instagram.

and you can also find us on Goodreads as well at afternoons with harley!

xxoo, k

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