ann & carl

these two.

they mean more to me than anyone else.

ann & carl. baba & gee-gee. my grandmother & grandfather.

most of my childhood memories & some of my all-time happiest memories are with these two out on their farm.

since my parents worked a lot, i spent a lot of time with my grandparents & honestly even when my parents were around i still begged to go to my grandparent’s place.

i loved collecting eggs, bottle feeding the baby calves, fixing fences, hanging out on the combine & baking with baba at midnight.

she was the one that introduced me to my love of reading, gardening & driving down dusty gravel roads listening to old music.

he was the one that taught me how to change a tire, chop firewood & pour a stiff drink.

i loved everything about my life with them & when i moved back home almost two years ago now, being with them again was one of the best parts.

and i spent almost every weekend with them… until this pandemic broke.

i like most people, am unable to see my grandparents & it really hit me this week how difficult that’s been.

no hugs, no long chats over tea, no contact.

thankfully we can still talk over the phone but since they have no internet out there (& even if they did they would have no idea what to do with it) all i can do is look at pictures of them to feel closer.

i know it’s not forever & i know we will be together again but since they’re getting up there in age – i can’t help but feel that this is precious time that we’re missing out on.

i feel a little cheated & a little robbed.

and although they will probably never read this post or even know what my website is or what any website is, i just want to put out into the universe how much i love them, how much i miss them, how much they are in my thoughts & in my heart.

and even though it’s hard, i will continue to practice social distancing & stay home as much as possible to help keep them safe.

because they have spent my entire life making sure that i am safe, happy & healthy.

and i owe them everything.

xxoo, k

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  1. My godmother (aunt) is in the hospital at this time . She’s not eating (15%) I’ve been told. I’m a caregiver to her and it’s difficult. Take care

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