a ‘love’ly time of year


valentine’s sure can pack an emotional punch.

if you’re happy & in love there can be expectations & disappointments.

if you’re single, it can be a trigger for feelings of sadness, loneliness or unworthiness.

if you’re separated, it can be a flood of emotions & memories from valentine’s days past when you couldn’t get enough of each other.

but regardless of your situation & how, where & who you are – or aren’t spending this weekend with – you still have you.

you always have you.

please don’t forget to treat yourself right, do something just for you or take a moment to appreciate all that you are.

even if you are wildly, wonderfully in love this time next year – you still need to love you.

remember you.

please don’t push yourself to the side or ignore your needs or wants for those of your loved one.

you are important too. you’re actually the most important person in your life. and if you can’t or don’t take care of your own wellbeing, you’re not going to be able to take care of or care for anyone else.

the picture above was taken from one of my favourite spots – a long, bumpy gravel road out in the middle of the country that i found driving around as a sixteen-year-old, listening to sad, lonely ‘deathcab for cutie’ songs.

the view, the peacefulness, the sign… it stuck with me & has become a place i drive out to often. to think, to cry, to celebrate big moments by myself.

and the sunset there this weekend just reminded me of love.

self-love & how it’s everything.

they say that love is the most important thing, the most powerful force in the world, that it changes everything. well, i think that actually starts with self-love.

then spreading that love to others. spreading that light, that understanding, that caring.

so take a moment this valentine’s weekend to love yourself. then go out & share that love with others.

xxoo, k


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