warmer weather & sunnier days

the other night while video chatting with one of my favourite people, they mentioned how fast summer was going by & now i can’t help but notice that it kind of is!

but the last couple of summer seasons just dragged by for me.

at first i was so brokenhearted, that i felt like every day was a damn struggle & the hours just crawled by super slow.

then last summer dragged on as well. i wasn’t in a great place – not bad – but still in my ‘healing’ season.

and this summer feels like i’ve turned a corner & now that i’m happily going through my ‘growing’ season, time is going by really quickly!

june, i was busy, trying to adapt to a ‘new normal’.

july, i was really into working out & getting healthy so most of the month just flew by.

and august, well honestly, i have no idea what the heck happened to august!

they say ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ & maybe that’s true, but i’ve been staying home, not going out & not doing anything with anyone… so is that what i find fun??

hanging out at home with my dog, books, music, tv shows & snacks??


which is funny to me because the last few summers that i’ve spent doing exactly that – i absolutely hated!

i felt like i wasted the warm months staying inside all day – reading, writing, bingeing my tv shows – when i should have been out there living my life.

but i guess the difference is my mindset…

back then, i was heartbroken, miserable & hated everything.

now, i feel so much better & i’m so much happier.

same pastimes. same girl.

i just feel different. i think differently. i make different choices.

i’m in such a different place, that i feel like i’m living an entirely different life.

even though i’m drinking from my same old coffee mug, wearing my same old band tee, doing the same old things…

it’s crazy how much of an impact your perspective can have on things. on situations. on life.

and it’s also crazy how fast summer is going by…

so in an effort to make the most of it, i think i’ll trade my coffee for a cider & head outside to do some writing on the patio, with the dog of course, snoozing in the sun.

let me know your favourite part of summer in the comments below, or come hang with us on facebook, twitter & instagram!

xxoo, k

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