i feel like we all deserve a break right now!

we’ve been dealing with a lot lately & for those of us who are feeling the strain – a long weekend couldn’t have come at a better time.

usually i spend may long at our cabin. it’s one of my favourite places in the whole world.

honestly – i spend every weekend i can there (& some afternoons when i’m done work for the day)! 

it’s so beautiful, so peaceful & my heart is so happy there.

the sunlight dappled through the leaves just looks better, the air just smells better & i just feel better when i’m there.

it’s just always felt like home. even though there’s no hot water… heat… a shower… i find it so comfortable there.

my safe place & my happy place all wrapped up in one.

it was actually where i went after i ran from my husband & i spent most of my summer of 2018 living at the cabin, recovering & regrouping.

where i went to cry my heart out when i lost Harls last summer.

it’s the one place i will always run to – whether i’m happy, sad or scared – doesn’t matter – i just want to be there.

and some of the best memories & moments of my life have happened at the lake. 

but as much as i love it – i actually won’t be making the trip to the cabin this long weekend.

i’m still living with my dad & since he is fairly high-risk, we are going to stay right here at home.

so instead, i’m looking through pictures of family & friends at the cabin, missing it & looking forward to the day that i can return there 100% guilt-free.

how about you? how are you spending your may long weekend?

please feel free to share with me in the comments below!

xxoo, k

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  1. We had a place at the lake before my hubby passed away. Rustic but safe. I no longer have it so my partner and I will spend the weekend at home enjoying our gazebo and fire table or having tea on our porch watching the happenings in the neighborhood. Enjoy your weekend and please be safe and stay well. Belly rubs for Poptart!

    1. you are so lovely Betty, thank you so much for always being so sweet to me 🙂 i hope you have a wonderful weekend & pops says ‘hi’!

  2. I can totally relate to your post.
    I basically grew up spending summers at the family cottage and sadly we lost it due to flooding a few years back .
    However, it remains one of my favourite places and grounds me .
    I bought a trailer to suffice until a new cabin can replace the old. Which is complicated when other siblings are involved!
    I managed to spend a few glorious hours there this weekend on the beach with my Dad and dog. Who love it as much as I! Counting our blessings…

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