mother’s day means something different to all of us.

some celebrate the strong women in their lives.

some mourn the loss of those women.

some of us feel like this day doesn’t belong to us at all.

now i don’t know if i’ll ever have the honour & privilege of being a ‘real’ mom – but there is a huge part of me that feels like i’ve been one – in one way or another – for a long time now.

i truly believe that a mother is someone who loves & cares & supports & makes sacrifices for their child. someone who puts your happiness & your health before their own.

and that’s exactly what i’ve done as a foster mom, a step mom & a dog mom.

yes – a dog mom.

and if you think i’m being ridiculous by writing that & you stop reading or unfollow me right now, i promise i won’t be offended.

but that’s how i feel. that beautiful october day that i got Harley was the day i became a mom.

i loved her with my whole heart & still to this day, i love her more than anything.

she was my life & we went everywhere together & did everything together.

she made me feel like a mom each & every day & i can’t even tell you the amount of times people saw a picture of her & were surprised to find out that she wasn’t a little human girl.

nope – she’s my daughter – my dog daughter & she will always be my baby.

it’s the love i feel for her, that makes me want to be a mom to a little human one day.

so on this mother’s day, if you are loving, supporting & caring for any beautiful little soul – happy mama’s day to you!

the step moms, foster moms, the dog or cat or lizard moms, the older siblings caring for their younger ones, the single dads, the grandparents, the aunts – anybody who plays a role in raising a child – this day belongs to all of you.

it belongs to all of us who feel a mother’s love.

here’s to celebrating untraditional mothers on mother’s day!

and i’d love to know who you are thinking of on this day – share in the comments below.

xxoo, k

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  1. I went to see my mom today…just as I do every Mother’s Day. I didn’t stay long. It’s more about remembrance than anything….she passed away almost twenty years ago. It’s the thought that counts.

  2. I didn’t get to visit my Mom this year as I’m battling a bout of vertigobut I did talk to her on the phone and wished her a Happy Mother’s Day. I am a Mother, a Nana to twin boys a step Mom to my partners’ girls and I was a Mom to 2 much loved fur babies until their times to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Losing the fur babies was just as hard as losing a human child. They are your children, loved as much as the two-legged children we have and never, ever let anyone tell you differently. Now you have Poptart to love and I think we know how much.

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